Built-in chat profiles

Mundu IM has built-in profiles for Google Talk and Facebook Chat. Just enter your user ID and password and in few seconds, you are on!

Additional XMPP profile

Support for XMPP messaging service, including systems like LiveJournal, corporate messaging systems, as well as any public or private IM systems.

Push notification support

You can exit Mundu IM without logging out and will continue getting messages for the next 15 minutes.

Save chat logs

Chat logs are saved on your iPhone and you have the option of emailing them to yourself at any time.

Common questions

1. Is the new version of Mundu IM for iPhone free?
- Yes.

2. What are the new features in this version?
- Multiple chat support: You can have any number of chat sessions active at the same time, on any of the profiles, and can easily switch between them without having to end the current chat session. You will get visual and audio notifications of messages received in other chats.

- Auto or manual login: You can choose to automatically log into your messaging system when you start up the application, or log into them manually, at any time.

- Bubbles or Stripes: You can use the iPhone standard “bubble” style of chat, or the traditional striped style (chat logs are saved in striped format).

- Group Support: If you have defined groups in your IM service, you have the choice of displaying them, or grouping.

- Custom Status: You can set your own custom status to tell the world how you feel, make a statement or just let them know you are using Mundu IM on the iPhone.

3. This new version of Mundu IM supports Yahoo, MSN, AOL or ICQ?
- No. This version of Mundu IM does not support any proprietary protocols such as Yahoo, MSN, AOL or ICQ.

Have more questions?

Write to us if you have more questions about Mundu IM. We would be happy to assist you.

Please give us 24 hours to respond to your query.

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