Multiple accounts

Mundu IM allows to log in to multiple Yahoo, Gtalk or MSN services. A great relief for those who maintain multiple accounts with the same service.

Copy content

You can easily copy content from chat using Mundu IM. There are lots you can do with it, we know.

Email during chat

Mundu IM allows you to email while chatting. In just one click, send a mail from Gmail.

Call while chatting

Click a number and call someone from the chat becomes useful. Hence Mundu IM has that feature.

Twitter support

Mundu IM for Android is now with Twitter support. Go ahead an tweet, retweet, and follow other's tweets.

Share photos

Share photos with contacts by clicking one or selecting from the stored photos.

Join conference

Invite or join a conference with contacts on IM services. Mundu IM supports conferencing among Yahoo, MSN and AIM users.

Share location

Start sharing your location with your IM contacts. A feature lets you track your friends wherever they are.

Common questions

1. Will I be charged for each message I send through Mundu IM?
- No. Mundu IM works over the data plan you have. There are no per message cost.

2. What If I change my Android phone to other phones like Nokia / Pocket PC, will I be able to continue using Mundu IM without any additional cost?
- Yes. Mundu IM provides a smooth migration from your current phone to any supported phones at no cost. The same license can be used on the new mobile phone.

3. How much do I need to pay annually to keep my Mundu IM license active?
- We do not charge you annually for using Mundu IM. You need to pay a one time fee of $11 and this is valid for a lifetime.

Have more questions?

Write to us if you have more questions about Mundu IM. We would be happy to assist you.

Please give us 24 hours to respond to your query.

  Mundu IM is available on all popular mobile phones. Find out the unique features for your phone!
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