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Thursday, 8th March 2012
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The ‘Best TV App‘ category is an exciting new category for the IP&TV Awards, with the winner to be announced at a dinner ceremony in London on March 21st.

Geodesic has reached the shortlist for its Mundu TV offering – a professionally-managed content delivery service which aggregates and delivers live and archived television, premium, prime-time video programming and movies from top content providers and owners worldwide.

The service is compatible with a range of Internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and PCs, and enables the streaming of video over GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and 4G networks. It includes global content rights, and can be heavily customised.

Best TV App
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New doors open for MunduTV on Windows Phone 7

February 23rd, 2012 – MunduTV, Geodesic’s live mobile TV platform is now available on the Windows Phone 7 platform. MunduTV seamlessly streams on the Mango OS running on WP 7 platform. Industry analysts have predicted that 43 million Windows Phone handsets will be shipped from Nokia and HTC during the year, and this will add to the opportunities for MunduTV in the Windows marketplace.

As a pioneering solution in TV for mobile devices, Mundu TV has already gained popularity among smartphone owners. MunduTV had more than 5 million downloads on the Nokia OVI store in just 11 months and is promoted at Nokia Priority Stores as a Top 10 Ovi Store application. This is in addition to its user base drawn through device manufacturers and mobile operators worldwide that have already deployed MunduTV based mobile TV solutions. With the launch of MunduTV on WP 7, it becomes possible to have the same user experience on Windows Phone devices.

Window Phone 7

MunduTV can now be viewed on the sleek Lumia 800 and 710 smartphones recently launched by Nokia, which are expected to add to the popularity of the Windows Phone 7 OS. Microsoft’s WP 7 platform now features more than 40,000 apps and games in its Marketplace, and is predicted to be the No. 2 overall smartphone platform in the world by 2015.

About MunduTV
MunduTV is available on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms, including iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPad and Blackberry for mobile. On the desktop/laptop/netbook, MunduTV supports Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003 and Windows 7, as well as Apple Mac. MunduTV provides Video-on-Demand (VOD) for both the Android and iPhone/iPad platforms. The app is now available for WP 7 Phones.

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Active since 1996, calls itself the most plentiful and rapidly growing software library on the Internet. Their editorial team has thoroughly reviewed about twentyfive thousand programs. We are delighted to be recently chosen for their Editor’s Pick Award.

Software Informer Award 1 Software Informer Award 2
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JGM - Nandu Madhav

Roti, Kapada and Makaan are three basic necessities of millions of people living in remote villages of this country. One such village selected by film maker Amit Abhyankar is village Mhalunge in a remote place in Maharashtra. Through his film ‘Jana Gana Mana’ he has tried to send across a strong message to the people about the existing corrupt system and how even a dedicated teacher of a small school in this village is not spared from giving a bribe to the education Inspector of his Taluka.

‘Jana Gana Mana’ also tries to explain how important is education these days to the children of rural poor. Today, many children in these areas attend school, because they are served free meals. Fase Pardhi is one such tribe found at such remote places, who have been deprived of such basic needs, beyond which they have no dreams. The film’s story revolves around one such family of Dagadu ( Santosh Juvekar), his wife ( Madhura Velankar Satam) and his two kids Katu and Babli (Chinmay Sant & Asmita Joglekar).

The focus is however on the importance of education and therefore we find Mr. Sontakke (Nandu Madhav) a dedicated teacher posted to this village to run this small school comprising of about a dozen students. To impress upon the visiting Education Inspector on the independence day, Mr. Sontakke sincerely plans a programme and a parade spending from his own pocket. But, during his one such visit to Taluka office, he learns from the office clerk that he has to pay for it and also entertain the Inspector to get his transfer to a place, where he can stay with his family.

Having seen the lack of interest among the students from the present school, Mr. Sontakke does all that to get his transfer order. But, on his return, he finds the change among the students, especially Katu, in whom he notices change , in spite of his poor background. The film ends with a positive note, showing the teacher tearing off his transfer order and deciding to stay back in the village.

‘Jana Gana Mana’ represents the real rural India with perfect presentation of characters.

After his memorable performance in ‘Harischandrachi Factory’, Nandu Madhav finds one more chance and the versatile actor has come out with another superb performance in that central character of a school teacher. Santosh Juvekar as Dagadu is a perfect choice, being an angry young man into wrong business. And, he has done his part well. Madhura Velankar Satam finds a better role of a typical tribal woman, who works hard to run her house, besides managing her two kids. With dark make up and costumes suited to her character, she looks more truthful. Watch her body language, when she dares to intercept the school teacher to scold him and while doing the first aid for her injured kid. Indeed, Madhura has given her best. The kids too have done well; but Chimay Sant impresses the most in the role of Katu.

The film has successfully managed to convey what the film maker had in mind. With ideal locations, good cinematography and excellent sound effects, the film looks more realistic. Screenplay and dialogues are well written to create that preferred impact. The limited music is pleasant. Those in the supporting roles have offered good support in their respective roles. ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is a timely film, which should inspire the teachers at remote places as well as the students studying in villages. The film is an eye opener.

Film review quoted from Marathimovieworld

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Mundu TV was an associate sponsor at MVAS India 2012 international conference at Taj Lands End, Mumbai on Jan.19th. The Mundu brand reached out to the MVAS ecosystem in the country through this event, as it works in association with telecom operators, handset makers, developers and various service providers..

There are 900 mn mobile phones and 30 mn PCs, and there are 50 mn data subscribers in India. There are already 15mn 3G users. MVAS will be the growth driver for 3G services in India, and Mundu TV is working in that direction with its enhanced user experience and content expansion. The emphasis amongst the event’s participants was on improving customer satisfaction. The Conference’s attendees shared perspectives on how sectors like health, banking and education will see more utilization for VAS in the coming years.

VAS India - 2012

VAS India - 2012

VAS India - 2012

VAS India 2012
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January 4, 2012 – Republic Day 2012 will see the simultaneous release of the path-breaking Marathi movie, Jana Gana Mana in theatres and on the Internet via MunduTV. Available on laptops, tablets or cellphones, MunduTV is the pioneer in mobile entertainment, and currently streams over 50 TV channels in news, lifestyle, music, regional, business, and general entertainment.

Jana Gana Mana is the first ever Indian film to release on the Internet simultaneously with its worldwide theatrical release. A Golden Dreams production by the Kadams, directed by Amit Abhyankar, and starring Nandu Madhav, Chinmay Sant and Madhura Welankar-Satam, Jana Gana Mana tells the compelling story of a simple school teacher who comes to terms with the distance between ideal and reality.

Releasing on January 26, 2012, Jana Gana Mana on the digital platform is a first for the country’s cinema, as availability on the internet and the mobile will be simultaneous with the theatre release. It paves the way for more regional producers to consider additional modes of distribution. MunduTV has been promoting this trend because of the platform’s potential to generate film revenues and also counter piracy. Viewers of MunduTV thus have a high quality and on-demand option for watching the latest cinema. Jana Gana Mana will be available to them in the pay per view mode. The film’s distributors, Outreach Motion Pictures have worked closely with Geodesic Limited to make this possible.

Geodesic is an innovator in software products focused on Information, Communication and Entertainment (ICE). The Mundu suite of products includes solutions for Instant Messaging, Mobile Voice-over-IP and Internet Radio besides Web TV. In the realm of cinema, Geodesic’s subsidiary Filmorbit is redefining how consumers discover content, people, and talent in the Indian entertainment space.

Jana Gana Mana - Marathi Movie

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Mumbai, June 16, 2009 – Geodesic Limited (NSE: GEODESIC), a leading provider of award-winning innovative products in the information, communication and entertainment space, today announced the launch of Mundu IM, an instant messenger that integrates MSN, GTalk and others into one, for Android mobile phones. The application will be available as a download through the phone from (

Few of the features of Mundu IM for Android includes:

  • All your IM contacts across AIM®, Yahoo®, MSN®, Google® Talk, ICQ® , and Jabber® right from your Android phone.
  • A fun and simple IM experience
  • File Transfer / Mobile Photo Sharing
  • Message Archiving and Chat History
  • Conferencing

Speaking on entering the Android market, K S Vivek, AVP, Geodesic Ltd. said, “Android being supported by a large number of handset vendors and the backing of Google has huge potential for growth. We believe we can be an early mover and take advantage of the potential growth in this platform.”

“We are excited to provide Mundu and Android users with an easy, innovative way to connect live with their friends. After our success with the other platforms, we now bring Mundu IM to the Android users for creating a seamless communication experience”, added Vivek.

Mundu IM, the flagship product of Geodesic has been recognized by PC Magazine as one of the top 12 mobile applications and has been acknowledged by other as one the best Instant messaging service globally. Now with Android, Mundu has been further customized to enhance user experience.

In India, The Android phones are available through some websites only and soon would be available in stores as well. Globally, accordingly to HTC, they have sold about a million phones of G1 in the last financial year. With T- Mobile and Samsung already joining the league, other players like Sony Ericsson, Huawei, Lenovo, Acer and Kogan Technologies are soon expected to take the plunge for providing Android phones.

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