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I had the opportunity to use the Mundu IM service on my iPhone 3G and found that it worked quite well. I was able to log in to my instant-messaging services without a problem, and upon doing so, I found that chatting with others through the software was quick and just as simple as chatting with them on my desktop.


where Mundu IM really shines is in its extras. The service allows you to share pictures taken from your phone with friends, transfer files, and cross-conference with contacts across IM services, making it much simpler to talk with people, regardless of their preferred IM software.


Mundu’s design is second to none. It features stylish icons that make it easy to choose your IM service, and the interface during chat was simple, which made the experience far more usable.  Read more>>

The great discovery has been mundu, which integrates Windows Messenger, Google Talk and others and with version for Palm OS and WinME, in addition to Blackberry. Read more>>

I use mundu all the time-it is great and keeps me and my boyfriend connected, no matter where we are…it’s a lifesaver and worth the price!

There is a new Windows Mobile Smartphone compatible instant messaging client in town, this time from Geodesic, an innovator in mobile communication applications, which today launched version 4.0 of its market leading product Mundu IM. Marking a significant step forward in improving the mobile communication experience, Mundu IM V4 is the most comprehensive mobile instant messaging product in the market. Mundu IM gives users the exclusive ability to cross-conference friends, colleagues and family across AIM, MSN, and Yahoo IM services through a single chat window on Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms.

Mundu users can stay connected anywhere with their contacts on the most popular IM services including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber on a single user-friendly interface. The evolved capabilities of Mundu IM V4 include a comprehensive set of features to support the needs of today’s connected mobile users including:

  • Instant photo and video sharing: Mundu users can instantly share their photos and videos taken from their camera phones with their contacts across all popular IM services.
  • Send files and music: Users can now send files and music on their mobile device to friends and colleagues.
  • E-Mail notification: Users can receive E-Mail notifications for their Yahoo, MSN and Google accounts on the move.
  • Support for major mobile platforms: Mundu IM V4 supports Palm OS and Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms. Mundu IM will soon support Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Symbian Series 60 platforms.

“As Internet enabled smart phones emerge to be vital tools for today’s consumer, instant messaging (IM) on mobile devices is becoming a standard mode of communication for consumers and professionals alike,” said Anish Srivastava, SVP Business Development of Geodesic. “Mundu recognizes that users are spread across different IM services and aims to unite them with a single interface across services, and mobile devices.”

Mundu IM has enjoyed tremendous success with more than 200k users worldwide. Users can experience the feature rich Mundu IM by downloading a free 5 day trial version from During the initial promotion period Mundu IM V4 can be purchased for an attractive one-time charge of US$ 11. With Mundu IM, there is no per-message charge allowing users to chat frequently and more effectively.

Mobile Instant Messaging across contacts on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, GTalk, Jabber.

mundu IM V4 is the revolutionary instant messaging technology for all Windows Mobile 5.0 OS devices and handhelds. Its architecture is robust, scalable, highly customizable and feature rich. With Mundu IM V4, your entire community of online buddies on AIM®, MSN®, Yahoo®, ICQ®, Google® Talk or Jabber® IM services will be accessible to you through a single user friendly interface. You can carry out a host of real-time, important activities such as file transfers and cross-conferences all with a user-friendly interface and personalization options such as group management and status-customization. You can also do cool stuff like share photos through the application, express yourself better with Rich Text, Emoticons & Customizable Status. You can keep a record of your chats and also chat in multiple (international ) languages. So if you’re on the move and have an imperative need to stay connected, then mundu IM V4 will bring your world in your hands.

I’ve had my Treo 650 for a couple of months now and I’ve tried a lot of stuff with it but this is the absolute coolest app yet.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to find text messaging on a mobile a little boring. I’m always trying to inject a little more variety into my communication so I thought I’d give Mundu Montage a go.

The app is designed to enhance messaging between mobile devices, and allows you to create rich visually content to share with your buddies. You’ll need to register online first to make full use of the service, but this is free so it’s OK by me.

The program itself basically consists of a blank canvas with several tools for adding stuff to this board to create ‘montages’. You can either choose to draw directly onto the canvas, or snap an area of the screen and add it to the overall design.

The drawing tools are pretty limited though, and you can only really doodle in freehand as there are no shape or line-drawing tools. There are a few brush colours to choose from though, and you can change the width of the stroke. Still, it’s ideal if you’re just annotating images I guess.

The snapshot facility works well, and with the inclusion of a ‘OneTap’ feature, you can share images with your contacts in a snap. Importing your contacts from your Yahoo!, GMail, AOL or MSN accounts is a breeze too.

If you’re looking for a way of sprucing up your messages, Mundu Montage provides a pretty simple means of doing so.

It’s amazing!!! You can add any station you want as long as it is transmitting in mp3 format! I have add four russian stations and all of them work as a charm!!!

So far we’ve covered a number of Web-based IM clients built for the iPhone. There’s the lightweight Heysan, TinyBuddy (which uses the iUi guidelines to mimic the iPhone’s sliding style interface and adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to login via AOL’s own Web-based authentication), and JiveTalk, which mimics the Mac OS X iChat interface to some extent.

These Web apps have done the job so far, but they all have some flaws: TinyBuddy and JiveTalk are both somewhat sluggish given the iPhone’s relatively poor JavaScript performance. Heysan uses simple HTML to render its interface and is, hence, faster, but also requires constant automatic or manual refreshes to view new messages. Its interface and functionality are spartan interface even by Web app standards.

Enter Mundu IM iPhone Edition from Geodesic (an Indian company that’s already created some great Web apps including Mundu Radio and IM clients for other mobile platforms). We’ve tested the new client briefly, and found that it combines most of what’s good in the extant IM offerings while leaving out the bad. Here’s some of what we like about it:

  • Tabbed chats: When you’re in on conversation, other conversations appears as scrollable tabs at the top of the screen. The best implementation of multi-user chatting we’ve seen yet.
  • Smooth, fast operation: This is the best behaving IM client for the iPhone we’ve tested. The interface is responsive, responses are quick to load, and tapping a contact name almost immediately brings up a new chat. We also found the client to be usable over AT&T’s EDGE network, where some other competitors certainly aren’t.
  • Polished interface: Chats appear in conversation bubbles, akin to iChat. Away and status messages are neatly displayed, unlike some other clients that do a poor job rendering the text. There is also clear indication in a small icon next to each buddy regarding away status. Further, Mundu organizes buddies into AIM bots, normal buddies, mobile devices, etc.
  • Multi-protocol support: Though its not unique in this regard, Mundu can hold chats on the big four IM services: MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Gtalk.

Mundu’s got a slick, multiclient IM for iPhone

Posted by Josh Lowensohn

Amid the growing group of instant-messaging solutions for the IM-less iPhone, Mundu (a Webware 100 winner) has just released a new contender that handles four of the most popular chatting protocols with a fantastic interface. If you’re an iPhone user, just navigate your Safari browser to, which takes you to a log-in screen with access to your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, .Mac, and Google Talk accounts. You can log into all of them simultaneously, although there’s no master password system like you get with Meebo.

Each client gets its own buddy list, and any additional conversations get their own tabs. To start a conversation, just tap a user name of one of your friends who is logged in. There’s a simple form that pulls up the iPhone’s keyboard when clicked. Similar to the iPhone’s built-in SMS app and iChat, conversations show up as color-coded speech bubbles that can be scrolled back and forth with your finger. The refresh rate is also instantaneous, so you don’t have to keep reloading the page to see new comments from your friends.

The whole app has a very organic feel that’s just right. It’s one of the few IM apps I’ve used on the iPhone where it doesn’t feel like you’re fighting an interface to make it feel like a desktop app. I also have to give Mundu credit for creating a neat bubbly effect on the chat tab when you’ve got an unread message. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make Web apps more fun to use. In this case, the function is just as good as the form.

Mundu’s IM client for the iPhone is slick and fun to use.