mundu radio has been named as
a finalist in mobile music category

Welcome to the Mundu Media Center. This section has been specially created to cater to the needs of the members of the Media. We understand your requirements of facts, figures, product information and images. This page and the related links provide access to the Mundu press releases and logos that you as a member of the media would find useful.

Press Contacts
Mail us to reach our corporate communication team.

Mundu Press Releases

Brands & Logos
You are welcome to use any of the following logos and images in your publication, kindly adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Geodesic Ltd., our parent company that owns the Mundu brand should be credited
  2. Kindly don’t modify these images, you can scale them up/down proportionately to suit your purpose.

We would love to feature your article in our news section, do email us your stories with a link.

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